Rubis’ Grand Opulent Contest

Hello! Today is that day. The day I finally launch that fabulous contest I have been talking about for a long time, restless to making it become true and eager to see your participations.

I’m gonna start this post with a pop, a sparkle, a wow; there are the precious jewels I will send to the two winners – one selected, the other one picked randomly. I am yet to decide how I will attribute them because I would not want the winners to find themselves with doubles, or colors that won’t suit them. But I can guarantee one thing; both girls will be spoiled!


How about the specifics?

From left to right, top to bottom, we have…

  • Princess Sabra by a england, 11mL. My mostest favorite nail polish. It HAS to be in this contest. This magnificent sand-colored glaze is surprisingly (to me) not one of the popular kids, so I’m really excited to introduce it to a future new fan.
  • Tristam by A England, 11mL. I reckon this is the blue that made me rethink my notion of this color. It a dark lavender blue, scattered holo (as is Princess Sabra). Very elegant.
  • Saint George by A England, 11mL. I linked the name, but I believe it’s pretty much useless. There is no need anymore to present this soft teal which has its face plastered over every blog. I hope the winner doesn’t own it already!
  • Morgan le Fay by A England, 13mL. I haven’t had the time to show you this one yet, but it’s a sheer opalescent white really quite very elegant, much more than this phrasing. Can be worn alone, or in layering.
  • Max Factor Fantasy Fire, 5mL. If possible, this one is more known than Saint George. It’s the most prevalent dupe of the famous Clarins 230. I noticed on twitter/instagram that several blog buddies acquired it recently… My contest arrived too late!
  • As Gold As It Gets by Essie Luxeffects, 13.5mL. A top coat with lotsa pretty gold flakies, one of my favorites too, and one of the first Essie I bought. At that time, I thought they were expensive… Hah! Poor child, if you knew what awaits ahead…
  • Disco Dolls by Nicole by O.P.I., 15mL. The one and only polish that I entirely emptied a bottle of. It’s an authentic GLITTER BOMB and I’m very happy to be able to give you this one. (The little tag you see dangling specify it’s a shade from the Kardashian Kolors collection)
  • Taliman by Personnelle, 6mL. I don’t actually own this one, and there is not a single swatch on the internet! I could show it on a nail wheel, but wouldn’t dare; it’s a quite tiny format and it is a little frustrating to receive an opened bottle. I will picture it for you nonetheless: it’s a glitter top coat, with teeny hex glitters. Most are tealish green but there are also a few blues and silver, and a little tiny pinch of holo silver. When I roll the bottle over, there’s a lot of matter that sticks on the glass, so I will speculate that it’s a pretty dense varnish and it could be worn alone, in three layers.
  • Furud by Personnelle, 6mL. Same issues than the precedent, no swatch to show. It’s also a glitter top coat with red micro-glitter and fushia, silver and holo fine bar glitters. This one seems a lot less thick.
  • Capella by Personnelle, 6mL. At last, one that I can show you! I own a bottle and I used it for my nail art for the “Chaos and Aleatory” contest from Chiara. It contains tiny and teeny silver and black glitters. This one has a perfect density in my opinion; you can see it in the picture, my medium finger needed only one layer.
  • Celestial FX by Revlon Top Speed, 14.7mL. A top coat made of micro glitter, and glitters in the shape of diamonds, moons and stars. And all that is HOLO! Very fun.
  • Sally Hansen  Magnetic Graphite Gravity, 9.17mL. I’m actually surprised to notice that I did not buy the same polish twice for me and the contest – mine is actually Silver Elements. So, Graphite Gravity comes with a magnetic cap that has some kind of a finger-rest-guiding-plastic-thingy lid on the top that helps movement speed and enhances the results.
  • Red Carpet by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, 11.8mL. A dupe of Ruby Pumps by China Glaze. I have it, I love it and I will definitely put it on the blog one day.  IRL, it’s a little more vibrant than that swatch.
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear’s Pacific Blue, 11.8mL. I own it too and frankly, I never wear it. Still, it’s popular and pretty tough, so I took it for you anyway :3
  • Sally Hansen Diamond Strenght, Blue Frosting, 13.3mL. Glassflecks polish that can be either worn alone in 560192 layers to obtain a vapid light blue, or with a single layer on black for a speechlessly fabulous result. A little alike the Ozotic 505, but not quite as mad of course.
  • Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment Hardening, 13.3mL. « A time-release targeted hardening treatment for soft, thin nails. » This one is really a treatment, to be worn alone. I don’t’ own it, but it’s the kind of thing I wear when I lack the time for a complete manicure but don’t want to expose my precious to the weather. I did read a few reviews, everyone seemed to see some results.
  • Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment Strength, 13.3mL. « Patented Vita-Release Technology Formula with targeted, time-released Vitamin-Mineral Complex continuously strengthens and treats nails. Exclusive Pearl Protein Formula creates a powerful, support shield that fortifies nails for 10 continuous days to stop severe, problem nails from breaking. » I could not find really meaningful reviews on the blogosphere, but customer reviews on Amazon are quite adamant! This one you can wear as a base under your polish.
  • Sally Hansen Nail Protex, 13.3mL. « Strengthening formula with Anti-Oxidant Complex conditions natural nails & creates a hard, smooth finish that helps prevent further damage. Help nails grow strong & healthy. The product is discontinued, but I believe it was in fact replaced by the Continuous Treatment Strength. They don’t have the same components, but the role is the same.
  • Nail Repair Serum with 10 precious oils by Ecrinal, 10mL. It’s my favouritest treatment, so I’m giving my own personal review: it’s a Wonder, with a W, as in WonderWoman. It’s the miracle that saved my cuticles. Excessively moistening and feeds the nails from the root so they will grow tougher. I apply it over naked finger and massage deeply, but also almost every day on my cuticles even when keeping my nail polish on. I opened the bottle quite a while ago and it’s still half-full. You need it so sparsely! Plus, it smells pretty good!
  • Two clean-up brushes from Royal BK, size four, with little rubber sleeves for our princess fingers’ comfort. And two Royal Taklon one-stroke brushes, size two. (Actually, they are high-quality paintbrushes, but perfect for cleanup. I believe the smallest are designed to do the one-stroke technique. I don’t know. I don’t do it. If I’m wrong, pardon my oversight.)

Add to all this a special prize, with a little Rubis touch. The first self-made product derived from my blog: A RubisRubis cup with a handle that is no less than a 10-carats ruby set on a pure gold ring. (hmm!)





(Quite the novel there, but you have to read it entirely or you will miss some details, and then that’s too bad for you!)

This is NOT a giveaway, but a contest. I do expect a creation from you. With jewelry for theme. I want your nails to look like they were decorated by a megalomaniac jeweler. You have unrestricted shades and methods, but it has to be a nail art on natural nails and you must use at least one nail polish – you can use acrylic paint, but not exclusively. Brush, stamping, ribbons, studs, tape, feel free to get wild. All I’m asking for is opulence.

Because it’s a deeply probed theme in the history of NPA, I’m also asking that you identify your picture. You can scribble a little RubisRubis on a piece of paper that you will subtlety slide in the photo, or a ruby drawn on your finger, or two ruby rings and your winking face in background. Use your imagination, but I need to see that it is actually your picture, and that the nail art in it was created specifically for my bully contest.

So, you send me a single picture that you will have taken care to resize in acceptable dimensions and format, such as .jpg or .png. You can make a montage to show various angles. You can advertise your blog. You also can send me a blurry picture whit crappy lighting and ravaged cuticles, but that would not be profitable for you. Be a little vain! Use a title like “Opulent contest – Contribution of Someone Something” and write, with as many words you want, what are your favorite products in the batch, why, in which order and all about it so I can divide it fairly. Also, you can specify which ones you already own. If you viscerally hate one, say it. If both winners already own one of the polishes, I will draw a third contester. I trust your will on this J  Where to send it? There:

I will as well ask that you share the good new about this contest, be it on Hellocoton, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, as you wish. Once again, I trust your judgement. You will send the link of your share with your email (ah ha! Told you, you have to read every single word!) If you are a dear, you can also advertise multiples times! :D

The contest is worldwide. I frequently order oversea, but as you know customs can be a bitch. It is possible, however very improbable, that a mad mailman decides that your parcel is dangerous. It’s a risk to take, heh?

As I said few thousand words ago, there will be a participation prize, and the big winner will be elected by me, assisted by non-blogger friends. I swear I will be unbiased, and this will have to be good enough for you. If ever the itch to indulge a dear friend gets at me, I am perfectly able to do so without a staged contest! The chosen winner will get the Ecrinal serum (except if she doesn’t want it), the pretty cup (this one I recommend you accept if you don’t want to offend me!) and the lion share of the prize. I nevertheless repeat, the participation prize will be worth it too, don’t worry. I’m not asking something crazy-wow-wow if you are still a debutante, only a mere twist on a luxurious mani; a ruffian, a sideways French, a tape mani, a little something that shows effort. And stick to the theme. I don’t want to see a black and lime green manicure. Just saying, because my friend Genny once received an all-pink mani for a Halloween contest. Hmm.

So, why make an effort? Well, to earn the first prize, and also because I will publish you pictures and happily include the links toward you blog/twitter/instagram and all and all.

Phew, I believe I covered everything!

Nope, scratch that! I forgot to say, you have till July 15th, 23:59 (UTC-5, advanced summer time)

So, quick summary:

  • Share the contest on the social media you use the most/on which the most people follow you;
  • Create a jewellery-themed manicure;
  • Send a email with the picture, your preferences regarding the prizes, and your sharing link;
  • Wait eagerly with me for the contest to close!

I’ll let you go take a break, maybe a quick nap after the reading of my Lord-of-the-Rings-trilogy-length-like post. Have a nice day! I can’t wait to see your creations!

*Article colorfully translated by my friend Sara Choquette because I am one big lazy ass.*


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